When the average cost of a food product recall is $10M, and 52% of recalls are due to bacterial contaminants, it is essential that your components are consistently being washed thoroughly. In a survey of the 30 lead food safety and sanitation personnel at food processing companies, 95% of the respondents expressed some concern that components including motors and gearboxes are the source of bacterial contamination.

Organizations like EHEDG, 3-A, and NSF have provided guidelines for companies to design machines to be clean since hygienic machine design is at the base level needed to achieve food Safety.

“Hygienic equipment shall be designed to prevent any areas where micro-organisms can harbor and grow, e.g. dead areas, gaps and crevices” [DOC 8, 4.3]

“Direct and indirect product contact surfaces must be easy to clean, non-absorbent and not present a toxilogical hazard by leaching of substances into foodstuffs.” [DOC 8, 6.2]

“For Stainless steel surface an Ra-value (roughness) of equal or less than 0.8 micrometers achieved by mechanical polishing or machining is recommended” [DOC 8, 6.2]

“All internal angles of 135 degrees or less shall have a minimum radius of 3mm. Sharp corners (less than or equal to 90 degrees) must be avoided” [DOC 8, 6.2]

In super heavy washdown environments, motors break, and many IP69K components are no exception, but where are the weak links on current servo motors? The face seals/slingers and cable ends.

The New VPH -Hygienc Single Cable Servo Motors are IP69K and built to EHEDG, 3-A, and NSF guidelines.

There are a lot of advantages of the VPH over the MPS even outside of the Hygienic design considerations:

  • The single cable technology of VP motor lends itself well to the washdown environment in that we are cutting the most common point of failure from 2 to 1!

  • The shaft seal has been upgraded to meet IP69K standards without the need of a slinger so it is much more durable.

  • Cable lengths out of the motor are configurable from 1m to 15m with extension or flying lead ends so you can get your cable end out of the way of water- potentially to the ceiling- or all the way to your drive

  • Safety rated encoder so you can do Safe speed, Safe direction, Safe stop with holding torque, and many others which can drastically speed up start up times from being components being cleaned and actually keep workers safer

  • With 840 configurations including way more 3 more frame sizes and many more speed options so you can get a better fit motor to your application to save money and energy

  • Drop-in motor sizes with improved performance

The VPH is a newer motor  that has yet to be added natively into V32 of logix and earlier.  So you will have to install a custom motor file using the Motion Database Import Utility Tool: Import Tool 2_13_0

For Windows XP or VMs with XP, you will have to use this version of the import tool: ImportTool_2_0_0_10

You will need to use the tool to import this file:VPH-CMFs-ESE-V05

Your motor catalog number should now be selectable in your Axis properties.

Check out the Main Servo Help Page for other useful information