Wittenstein Cyber Drive-On-Motor, Smaller drive, and IP69k option

Ability to daisy chain multiple on motor drives.

Built to be more more Clean and Durable.

  • Hygienic Design prevents bacterial growth
  • Smooth surface allows for easier cleaning
  • IP69K rating lasts through those harsh washdowns
  • With a single cable and lengths up to 15m, your motor going bad due to a cable with water damage is history.

Incase you missed it at Manufacturing Matters, the next obvious evolution of collaborative robots is into smaller robots with high accuracy for precision applications or applications where you simply don’t want to have to engineer several small axes all for a far more attractive price point.  Denso’s Cobotta Bot still works with their simulation/programming software WinCaps III and their new programming platform Cobottaworld that can be put on your smartphone, but it also has the advantage of being programmed like a standard collaborative robot with hand-taught set points.

Living up to their claim of “Standardized Customization”, Codian has rolled out a lot of new robot sizes in the last year.  With their 3 and 4 axis robots getting near the 7ft reach range, Hygenic 3 and 4 axis robots getting to payloads of 20kg to handle whole hams and turkeys, and 2 axis robots getting to payloads of 125kg all within the last year, if they don’t already have a delta style robot that fits what you need, they are probably about to roll it out.

VPC Fanless

If you are using a lot of larger servos, but don’t like the fan on the back of the VPC, Rockwell is releasing a fanless version!  You will no longer have to worry about the shrouds and fans getting dirty or hooking up the separate power supply to the fan.  This does change the torque/speed curve, however, and will limit the motors to their bus overvolatage speed.  If you go to the Rotary motor manual, see the speed in parenthesis in the chart of the VPC motor to find the new max speeds (page 30 currently).

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