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VFD Guides

Most drive failures stem from misapplication, but the next greatest source of failure is poor installation practice.  Those who seek to install new or upgrade existing drives should reference the manuals below.

PowerFlex Low Voltage Drives Selection Guide – An excellent resource for any who wish to learn about Allen Bradley’s selection of variable frequency drive products.  Herein you will find the best application information, IO counts, voltage and horsepower levels, as well as general drive information.

Wiring and Grounding for Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) AC Drives– Provide best practice information for drive installation.  A must-read for installers and maintenance professionals.  The last chapter contains a handy guide to motor lead length as well as recommendations regarding the use of reflected wave reactors.

Line and Load Reactor Selection Guide – Your best resource for not only Allan Bradley line and load reactors, but also to the best use of line and load reactors.

PowerFlex 755T White Papers

The 755T platform offers many new capabilities that will pique the interest of advanced application users.  Here are several white papers that deftly articulate the advantages of many of the 755T’s advanced functions.

Harmonic Mitigation Techniques

Active Front End Drives: Lower Harmonics, Higher Energy Savings

Implementing Advanced Predictive Maintenance Functions

Parameter Crosses

Simplify standalone machine development for multiple industries with the Connected Components Workbench™ software. As part of our Integrated Architecture® system, our Connected Components Workbench software provides device configuration, controller programming, and integration with Human Machine Interface (HMI) editor. This software helps reduce initial machine development time and cost. – Rockwell Automation


Here are technotes that pertain to all low voltage drives.  Topping the list is a note about bus overvoltage faults, a common occurrence that may have several different sources.  Included also are troubleshooting notes for those who do not have an HIM module attached to their drive.

PowerFlex Drives_ Fault F5, F24,10107,11107,13066, or 13068 DC Bus Overvoltage

Troubleshoot PowerFlex Drive without HIM or Display

How to delay a Drive going into fault mode when current limit has been reached

Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® 520-Series AC drives combine innovation and ease of use to provide motor control solutions designed to maximize your system performance and reduce your time to design and deliver better machines. Each of the three drives in this family offers a unique set of features to distinctively match the needs of your application. – PowerFlex 520-Series AC Drives: The Next Generation of Powerful Performance. Flexible Control

With a complete power range of 0.75 to 1500 kW (1 to 2000 Hp) and 400/480 and 600/690 volt availability, the PowerFlex 750-Series is a comprehensive drive family  providing productivity-enhancing benefi ts to a wide range of global applications. – PowerFlex® 750-Series AC Drives: Designed for Ease of Use, Integration and Application Flexibility

Need around-the-clock dependability? Let PowerFlex® 755TS drives do the heavy lifting. You’ll increase productivity and uptime, and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Featuring patented TotalFORCE® technology, these six-pulse variable frequency drives deliver flexible, high-performance motor control, real-­time operational intelligence and eased application commissioning and optimization. Designed for countless motor control applications and industries – from standard to the most demanding industrial control challenges – these drives help deliver the productivity and throughput you need. – Rockwell Automation.

The Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® 755T AC drives from Rockwell Automation have been developed to help you make the most of your assets and production time. They offer the benefits of harmonic mitigation, regeneration and common bus solutions along with TotalFORCE® Technology for excellent motor control through precise, adaptive control of positioning, velocity and torque.PowerFlex® 755T Drive Solutions Low Harmonic, Regenerative and Common Bus Solutions

We have taken On-Machine motor control to the next level with the Armor™ PowerFlex®. Smart, Safe, Secure, and Simple – The Armor PowerFlex is a scalable solution designed to meet your application needs. – Rockwell Automation

Providing users with motor speed control in a compact, space-saving design, the PowerFlex 4M AC drive is the smallest and most cost-effective member of the PowerFlex family of drives.  Providing application flexibility, feed-through wiring and ease-of programming, this drive is ideal for machine-level speed control for applications that require space-saving and easy-to-use AC drives. – PowerFlex Low Voltage Drives Selection Guide

The ArmorStart family of distributed motor controllers is ideal for conveyor and material handling applications, capturing your need for controlling both light and heavy industrial solutions. It works well for group installations which will reduce your total number of components needed. ArmorStart controllers require no additional enclosure and can be mounted at the point of operation. You can mount the device near the motor or machine, which yields shorter cable runs. It offers LED status and diagnostic indication, which can decrease your meantime to repair. In addition, you can now choose factory installed options for specific applications. –ArmorStart® distributed motor control solutions

The PowerFlex 755 On-machine Drive is a simple, cost-effective preengineered product that can be mounted right on or near your machine.  The drive has an IP66 environmental rating and incorporates I/O, network communications and safety options into a single package that connects easily to your application. Think of the time you can save on wiring, installation and maintenance. – PowerFlex® 755 On-Machine™ Drive

Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® DC drives, stand-alone regulators and field controllers are designed for demanding stand-alone, coordinated drive control and drive system applications. They are a great choice for DC motor applications and retrofits up to 6000 Hp/4000 kW. – PowerFlex® DC Drive Family A Full Line of High-Performance Solutions

The PowerFlex 70 offers a compact package of power, control and operator interface, designed to meet the demands for space, simplicity and reliability. This drive provides a broad spectrum of features, allowing you to easily integrate it into your architecture and configure it for most application needs. –PowerFlex Low Voltage Drives Selection Guide

Providing users with easy installation and ideal for mechanical fan and pump systems, the PowerFlex 400 AC drive offers a wide range of built-in features that allow for seamless building system integration.  The PowerFlex 400 is designed to meet global OEM, contractor and end-user demands for flexibility, space savings, and ease-of-use. – PowerFlex Low Voltage Drives Selection Guide

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