An article by Rockwell Automation and Cisco:

Top 10 Recommendations for Plantwide EtherNet/IP Deployments

With cyber security and network performance at the forefront, follow a plan to help ensure the best industrial network design for your plant.

To deploy EtherNet/IP plantwide at your facility, you need an industrial network design methodology. Following a plan helps you create structure and hierarchy to help maintain real-time network performance.

Industrial managers who want to deploy plantwide EtherNet/IP can follow these 10 industrial network design recommendations from Rockwell Automation and Cisco:

1. Understand a networked device’s application and functional requirements.

2. Enable a future-ready network design.

3. Create structure within the plantwide EtherNet/IP network.

4. Segment the logical topology into modular building blocks.

5. Use managed industrial switches.

6. Design and implement a robust physical layer reflecting availability and resiliency requirements.

7. Determine application and network security requirements.

8. Reduce network latency and jitter by using standard network protocols.

9. Increase control and information data availability.

10. Deploy a hierarchical network model using Layer 3 switches.

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