This is the main page to link to different drive family pages that will have helpful links and info.

Servo Selection Guide helps you select what servo drive family and servo motor family you would want based on your application. (see page 19 for motor/drive compatibility)

Motion Analyzer Online will help you size systems and components, all the way from your actuator, through your gearbox, motors, cable, and drives, and onto your power supply components.

For an in-depth look at tuning, check out Rockwell’s Tuning Guide. If you have a Kinetix 5500 or Kinetix 5700, it is recommended to enable Load Observer, which is an on-the-fly tuning algorithm within the drives that can adjust for mechanical and load changes within the system as you are running and drastically decrease implementation time by better accounting for conditions such as backlash, high compliance, and even higher inertia ratios that auto-tune can’t easily handle. To start Load Observer, go into the “Load” tab within Axis properties in Logix and the next tab of “Observer” and select “Load Observer with Velocity Estimate”.  If you have a current enough firmware revision, within the “Load” tab, select the “Compliance” tab, and in the bottom drop down box, select “Tracking Notch” within the Adaptive tuning section.  This also will account for changing harmonics within the system over time.  If this doesn’t work because you are starting from a tuning that doesn’t currently work, follow the Load Observer Quick Start Guide to start your tuning selection over. Load Observer is iterative, so starting from a really bad auto-tune as opposed to out-of box tuning parameters can on occasion cause issues, but if you currently have a tuning that is working and just want to enable load observer, follow the steps enumerated above (or start from step 6 in the quick start guide).

Noise Mitigation Best Practices

Kinetix 5700

Kinetix 5500

Kinetix 6000/6200/6500

  •  Active Mature Ethernet and Sercos Drives
  • Up to 8 axes of power sharing on a back plane
  • Hardwired Advanced Safety features available on K6500 and k6200
  • etc…

Kinetix 300

Ultra 3000

Kinetix 5100

  • Standalone Ethernet indexing drive
  • Programmable with built in Java application
  • Programmable with Logix with an add on profile.
  • Older indexing drive
  • Communication over Sercos or Devicenet
  • Standalone Indexing Ethernet Drive
  • Controlled with AOIs to mimic a CIP drive, Pulse Width modulation, or IO
  • Dual ethernet ports
  • 1/2 axis with dual loop control or geared mode
  • Electronic cam
  • 99 sophisticated indexing functions