The Safety Maturity Index (SMI) Assessment Tool will help you benchmark your company based on how it holistically views safety and how it designs, develops and delivers machines that are safer and more productive. This is measured using the three critical C’s of safety maturity –  Culture, Compliance, and Capital.  Your SMI assessment score provides insight into your company’s strength & weaknesses in safety maturity.

Multiple studies measuring the relationship between safety and productivity show that best-in-class companies have 5-7% higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), 2-4% less unscheduled downtime, and less than half the injury rate of average performers. This performance level was achieved by (1) developing a sound and positive safety Culture, (2) implementing effective Compliance policies and procedures to identify and mitigate risks, and (3) investing Capital in technologies that integrate safety and standard control systems to improve both safety and productivity.

Your responses initially will be compared against those of other manufacturers, and then you can sort the Assessment Tool database to benchmark against facilities most like your own. As your machinery safety practices change over time, you can return to the tool and update your most recent submission, creating new, current comparisons.