There are two ways to wire a traditional terminal block: quickly or correctly. It is hard to do both.

Traditional terminal blocks are:

Susceptible to installation errors and connection failures

  • Turned back wire strands, causing lengthier test and troubleshooting
  • Under/over torque, causing loose connections or damaged wires
  • Loosening from machine vibrations, transit, or time, causing problems

Dreaded by installers

  • Proper wire landing location are difficult to see
  • Two hands required-one to hold the wire, the other to torque the screw

Push In terminal blocks can make electricians twice as fast!

Push In terminal blocks:

Are designed for usability

  • Wire connections are made in one second, with one hand
  • Easy to see terminals, from the front
  • Universally located test points for fast inspection and commissioning

Reduce labor time

  • 26 second installation time savings per terminal block (screw type vs push in with an automated ferrule machine)
  • 65% reduction in labor

Offer other attractive paybacks

  • Ferrule hand tools pay back < 1 week for most users
  • Fully automated ferrule machines pay back ~ 2 months for high volume users

Are designed for reliability

  • Push in technology provides a secure connection
  • Helps prevent turn back strands during wire insertion

Remove a source of vibration failure

  • Contact clamps increase tension
  • No retightening