The economize mode allows a motor controlled by a PowerFlex drive to operate with maximized efficiency.  The increase in efficiency is achieved by trimming the voltage during those times when the motor is not heavily loaded.  This creates a better load match between energy input and output, allowing a process controlled by an induction motor to streamline its energy needs.  Economize is one of the motor control methods available for the PowerFlex 525, PowerFlex 527, and the PowerFlex 750 series.

Economize mode functions in the same manner as sensorless vector control while the motor is accelerating or decelerating.  The drive will begin to alter the voltage once the motor is at commanded speed.

To use economize mode, the motor will have to be autotuned to the drive.

PowerFlex 525 Economize Paramters:

Under the “P” parameter group, set P039 to option 2

PowerFlex 527 Economize Mode Settings:

The PowerFlex 527 may be set to ecomonize mode (or any other mode of control) through the configure axis properties page within the frequency control category as shown in the picture below.

For more details about configuring an axis for a PowerFlex 527, please reference page 70 of the PowerFlex 527 user manual

PowerFlex 753 & 755 Series Economize Parameter:

To use economize mode for the 753 and 755, go to parameter 35 on port 0 (the main board).  Choose option 2.