Reduce your operating costs associated with managing spare parts with a Parts Management Agreement from Rockwell Automation. With this agreement, you have ready access to the Rockwell Automation spare parts you need, while we own and manage your spare parts inventory. These agreements are backed by our remanufacturing and renewal parts services to replenish any inventory used.

Rockwell Automation owns, locates and manages the inventory at your site, giving you access 24x7x365.

A PMA is valuable to companies who:
• Are looking for alternatives to a spare parts purchase
• Have an application in which uptime is critical
•Want a reduction in mean time to repair
•Want to improve control of their inventory assets
•Want a reduction in the carrying costs associated with
maintaining inventory
• Require immediate availability of critical spare parts
•Want improved inventory integrity


Asset Control
• Avoid unnecessary build-up of inventory over time.When the Parts Management Agreement ends, the inventory can be removed or modified to meet current needs.
• Improved Return On Net Assets (RONA).

Improved Cash Management
• Eliminates large capital outlays of purchasing spare inventory. Frees up cash for other areas of spending.
• Costs of agreements can be deferred over 3 or 5 year terms. This creates a cost-effective, stable payment schedule.

Minimize Inventory-carrying Expenses
• Some expenses associated with carrying inventory can be reduced or eliminated.
• Opportunity cost of money is recognized.

Increased Uptime / Maximized Production
• Exclusive inventory availability. Critical inventory can be maintained on-site at each facility for immediate availability during emergency breakdown situations.
• As material is consumed, it can be replenished within 24 hours upon reorder utilizing our Advance Exchange program – subject to availability.

Support Equipment with Limited Lifecycle
• Spares can leave with decommissioned equipment.