With the soft announcement of the End of Life date for the Kinetix 6000 family, a lot of people are beginning to look at what steps they can take to update their system.

Some limitations that dictate the below are the

  • L6x controller being limited to V20 of logix and below

  • Kinetix 5500 being limited to version 21 and above

  • CIP safety being limited to Version 24 and above

  • Kinetix 5700 being limited to Version 26 and above

  • Kinetix 5700 with advanced safety being limited to Studio Versio 31 and above.

See knowledgebase technotes 467743 and 732597 or logix designer release notes in the Rockwell download center for more info.

See here for the minimum version of Logix for different Controller Catalog Numbers.

Example Migration:

You have a cabinet with the folowing:

  • 2094-AC05-M01 to a MPL-A310P
  • 2094-AM01 to a MPL-A310P
  • 2094-AMP5 to a MPL-A1530U
  • 1756-L6x

At a bare minimum, to get from an obsolete status to an active mature status so you can get replacements for now, you’d want to upgrade the drives to:

  • 2094-AC05-M01-S
  • 2094-AM01-S
  • 2094-AMP5-S

If your MP motors end in something other than xx72Ax or xx74Ax, consider upgrading them to the speed-tec Din style connectors which are more readily available.  If you have even older motors, like N, H, F, 1394, etc… consider more strongly a full conversion.

Controller Upgrade First

You can upgrade to a 1756-L7x controller while keeping the same drives and upgrading to the Kinetix 5500  later while keeping the same motors:

  • 3x 2198-H015-ERS drives sharing AC,DC, and Control Power see Kinetix 5500 Power Sharing for power sharing info and configurations

You can also upgrade your motors from the MPLs to VPLs if you really want to move to a single cable platform.  See this manual to cross motors or ask your local Motion Control Solution Consultant.  If you have a higher axis count, larger motors, and or auxilliary axes and you have 480V available, it might be worth moving to the Kintix 5700 system.

Drive Upgrade First

You can move to a Kinetix 6500 if you are on version 18-20 of logix which will put you on the CIP platform, but the newest drive that will work with the L6 controller is the Kinetix 5100, but that is not a CIP drive, merely an ethernet drive that you can control similarly to a CIP drive over ethernet without a motion enabled controller, but you can not have axes tightly coordinated.

Full Upgrade

For a full upgrade, you have a lot more options open to you.  From a drive perspective, you can go with the Kinetix 5500, but if you have 480V available and any one of these 3, you should also price out the Kinetix 5700 as they might end up being cheaper:

  • >3 axes (4 or more)
  • Large motors
  • Auxilliary axes

If you are doing a ful upgrade and your motors aren’t already at the newest level of MPL, it will likely end up cheaper in the long run to install the newer VPLs to decrease the needed part numbers and breakoutboards.

For the controller, you have a lot of options available to you, but the 5069 CompactLogix Processors are extremly fast and often one of the cheapest solutions for lower IO counts, or the L8 processor.

Here is an example Solution:

  • 2x 2198-H015-ERS drives to VPL-A1001M single cable motors
  • 2198-H015-ERS (or 2198-H008-ERS to save money) drive to a VPL-A0631M
  • 5069-L310ERM with requisite IO cards

Changing from a Sercos network dedicated to motion, to an Ethernet/IP network shared with the rest of your platform is fairly simple in implementation but requires a few considerations.  The two biggest differences are configuring an axis which has a slighlty different feel- but is ultimately a lot easier- as well as consideration around your ethernet architecture.
CIP Motion with the current Drives provides many advantages:
Check out the links below for more info about either one of these.

For more info on different drive solutions or even more info on you current drive, check out the Servo Drive Main Help Page