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Sample Code

K300/ML1400 Ethernet/IP External Reference Program Example– Create a simple point-to-point motion profile using a K300 in Ethernet/IP External Reference Mode and a MicroLogix controller.

K300/ML1400 Indexing Program Example– Write two indexes to the Index Assembly object in a Kinetix 300 drive and execute them.

K300/CLx Stitch Two Indexes Program Example– Blend two different index profiles, with different dynamics, together using the Blend Index type of a K300 and Logix 5000 AOI.

K300_CLx_Stitch_Indexing_Program_Example- Create an S-Curve profile with 3 segments (accel, const. speed, decel) using the blend type of index in the k300 and Logix 5000 AOI

K300 Ethernet/IP External Reference Program Example– Create simple move profile of a K300 in Ethernet/IP External Reference Mode using Logix AOP

K300 Indexing AOI Program Example- Program example that includes an AOI to send indexing parameters to a K300 drive

K300 Motion Instruction Position Control AOI – Command a Kinetix300 drive via motion instructions such as MAPC, MATC, MAM, MAJ, MCLM and MCCM.