For a PanelView Plus 6 terminal, booting into Safe Mode will grant access to the configuration screen.  To do this, follow this procedure:

  1. Connect a USB keyboard to the terminal.  Without this, you will not be able to navigate through the PanelView Plus 6 menu screens.
  2. Press the small, recessed button labeled Default with a thin non-conductive probe.  This will start the terminal in Maintenance mode.
  3. Select Special BOOT Action –> Safe Mode.  This option will boot the terminal to the FactoryTalk View ME Station configuration screen.
  4. Follow these steps, when done making selections:
    a. Press the up arrow to return to ‘Select Continue booting with selected options.
    b. Press the Enter key to continue booting.

For more details on Maintenance mode, see the PanelView Plus 6 HMI Terminals User Manual (publication 2711P-UM006).