What is the ControlTower 856T?

The ControlTower 856T is positioned as our new premium stack light and a functional replacement of the current 855T 70mm stack light product family. It will allow for easy migration of customers to the new system by providing more functionality at a similar price level.

Why switch to the 856T when I am happy with the 855T stack lights I am currently using?

  • New and modern functionality
  • Up to seven levels in the same stack (previous maximum was 5 levels using the 855T). More machines conditions can be monitored using only a single stack light
  • Broader range of mounting options
  • Enhanced brightness, flexibility, and availability
  • Higher efficiency (lumens/watt)
  • Non-stackable modules for stand alone small beacon applications
  • The 856T will offer a significant SKU reduction, be easier to select, easier to maintain, easier to stock, and be more suitable for future expansions
  • Reliable performance in tough environmental conditions
    • IP66/67 ingress rating
    • Extended operating temperature range (-30°C t0 70°C)

When will the 856T be available for sale?

The 856T is available for sale right now! See below link for the 856T product profile.