Component Class Drives

(Use for simpler, lower power applications.  Wide range of capabilities.)

PowerFlex 520-Series
(100 – 600 VAC, 1 & 3 Phase, 1/2 – 30 HP)


PowerFlex 520-Series Documentation

Did you know… (new features / new facts about the PF 520-Series added occasionally):

  1. The PF 520-Series supports various levels of password protection for the parameter settings.  This allows for various levels of locks – from the keypad and / or over a network.
  2. Up to three different start sources and speed references can be programmed and changed between using digital inputs.  Start sources and speed references can be combined in any combination.  Example, start source from remote switch (terminal block) and speed reference from drive POT.
  3. PF 525 has four digital outputs ((2) relays & (2) transistors) the PF 523 has a single form C relay.
  4. When installed, only 2″ of clear space is recommended above and below the drive.
  5. Drive can be zero stacked (install side-by-side without de-rating).
  6. Drive can operate in ambient conditions up to 158 ⁰F (special consideration needed).
  7. NOTE:  Don’t overlook the PF 525 just because you don’t need Ethernet/IP or Safe Torque-off.  Take another look at the available I/O count on the PF 523 first:
    1. PF 523:  (5) DI, (1) AI, (1) Relay – Form C.
    2. PF 525:  (7) DI, (2) AI (1 voltage, 1 current), (2) Relay – 1 Form A, 1 Form B), (2) DO (transistor).
  8. Analog Output ADDED to the PF 523 in the Series B offering.
  9. (More coming soon!)

 Architectural Class Drives

(For simple to complex, small to large power applications, ultimate noise immunity and power efficiency.  Expandable with your needs.)

PowerFlex 750-Series
(400 – 600 VAC, 3 Phase, 1 – 2000 HP)



  • *** The BEST document for quickly programming the PF 750-Series for basic operation:  Quick Start Manual
  • Other PowerFlex 750-Series Documents


Unique Capabilities

  • Hoisting / Lifting:  Watch this video on Torque-Proving (hoisting / lifting) with the PowerFlex 755
  • Electronic Gearing:  Want to electronically “gear” two or more drive together?  Try this simple method with the PowerFlex 750-Series:  Electronic Gearing (PF 750-Series)

Typical Equpiment Needed:

VFD:  PowerFlex 753 (P/N:  20F***…) or 755 (P/N:  20G***…)
Dual Incremental Encoder Input Card (P/N:  20-750-DENC-1)
Induction Motor w/ encoder (1024 ppr)
Differential Encoder Buffer Board (P/N:  845-BB), used when more than one drive will monitor the master encoder


»  Hoisting / Lifting:  Use this flow-chart to help select the appropriate drive to use in hoisting and lifting applications.

Migration Guides… 

(Note:  Document number below is for the current version at the time of entry.  By clicking on the link above, “Migration Guides,” you will have access to the latest version of all migration guides.)

  • »  PF 40 / 40P to PF 525:  PFLEX-AP011B-EN-P
  • »  1305 to PF 40:  PFLEX-AP006A-EN-P
  • »  Bulletin 160 SSC to PF 525:  PFLEX-AP010B-EN-P
  • »  1395, 1397,  and FlexPak 3000 to PF DC:  PFLEX-AP009A-EN-P
  • »  PF 700H to PF 755:  PFLEX-AP008A-EN-P
  • »  PF 700 to PF 750-Series:  PFLEX-AP005A-EN-P
  • »  1336-Series to PF 750-Series:  PFLEX-AP007C-EN-P